Inauguration of the Patrols and Investigations Unit in the Western Region Branch

On Monday, January 17, 2022, the Stabilization Support Apparatus inaugurated the Patrols and Investigations Unit in the Western Region Branch.

After the opening, the apparatus also held a ceremony honoring a number of leaders, in recognition of their sincere efforts and dedication in performing their duties.

The opening and honoring ceremony witnessed a large presence of a number of security leaders in the apparatus, most notably the vice president of the apparatus for training and special operations, Dr. Hassan Abu Zariba, and the Deputy Head of the apparatus, Dr. Musa al-Masmous, Head of the Western Region Branch, Brigadier General Saber Armaila, Deputy Chief of Operations and Logistics Support Muhammad al-Kabouti, Commander of the Department of Combating Settlement and Illegal Immigration Colonel Milad al-Mashkoi, Director of Operations and Logistics Support, Lt. Colonel Khaled al-Suwai’i, Commander of the 55th Infantry Battalion Muammar al-Dawi, and the deputy in the Council Representatives, Dr. Ali Abu Zariba, and the commander of the Directorate of Sahel Al-Jafara Nasser Al-Latif.

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