The security and stability of Libya is our goal

The work of the Stability Support Apparatus aims to reach a safer society, maintain order and security, contribute to achieving justice through the rule of law, and preserve the prestige of the state in the field and in practice.

To achieve the goals for which the Stability Support Apparatus was established, a number of departments and sections were created, each with its own specific tasks

Departments and Offices

Bureau of Investigation and Arrest

The Bureau of Investigation and Arrest of the Stability Support Apparatus is responsible for enforcing laws and achieving criminal justice in all Libyan territories.

Protection of civil rights

Combating violent crime and drugs

Combating criminal organizations

Combating illegal immigration

Department of

Guard and protection

The Department of Guard and Protection provides qualified national human security competencies who have received field training in the field of personal protection. The service is provided to those wishing to obtain it according to the agreement between the two parties regulating this service

Targeted personnel

VIPs in the public and private sectors and visitors.

General Administration of Training

The importance of the role of recruitment and security training has emerged as one of the essential security policies for the development of human resources in technical, administrative, and behavioral terms. The administration has based its advanced training system on modern scientific methods


Security Training

Assessment & Cooperation

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